Fishing Lake

Fishing at Barnacre

Barnacre fishing offeres excellent fishing on our 1 acre onsite lake. The lake is well stocked so that even a novice and children are pretty much gauranteed to catch. There are large specimen fish for the keen angler. The lake is a quiet retreat but you will be busy catching.

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How it Looks

The fish stocked includes

  • common carp to over 20lb
  • Mirror carp to over 20lb
  • bream to over 8lb
  • tench
  • perch
  • roach
  • rudd
  • perch
  • barbel
  • sturgeon

The lakeside fishing cabin is for anglers convienence with toilet and refreshment making facilities. The cabin is a traditional green oak frame with lime panels. All materials in the construction and fitting have been selected for their low environmental and carbon impact. The hut is self sufficient for all energy, water and waste water so you can enjoy your fishing with very little environmental impact.

Barnacre fishing lake is situated on our smallholding 400 metres up a private farm road from ‘The Shippon’ and 80m from ‘Barnacre Green Cottage’.

Fishing Equipment Hire

To cottage guests we offer all you need to start fishing at very competitive rates. Rod, line, reel, landing net and seat box from £8 per day. £25 deposit per set. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment. We can also supply end tackle which includes hooks, floats, weights for £5 per starter pack.

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the local tackle shop offers a 10% discount to guests